SimCity Buildit is the mobile version of the popular SimCity game, and publisher Electronic Arts did a good job bringing this classic game to the iOS and Android. The visuals are very good and the gameplay is as engaging as the original. Being on mobile, the gameplay is different from the original, but it’s just as fun.

At its heart, SimCity Buildit is a city building game coupled with strategy and resource management. As you might expect, you start with simple buildings and factories that can be used later for creating more advanced structures. As your city expands, you’ll be able to build more luxurious homes for your people.

The more residences you build, the more people come, the more money you get and experience you gain. You can then use the money to create more factories, public facilities, stores and more. As your city building progresses, you’ll be able to unlock new buildings and more.

The focus here is more on the crafting, but there are nods to the classic SimCity games that longtime gamers will appreciate. Going back to the game, you also need to focus on police and fire coverage, and just like in a real city you need to place these departments in strategic positions to better serve your constituents (you are the mayor after all).

Overall, SimCity Buildit is an enjoyable game, and you actually need to do some strategizing here to advance. If you love the classic SimCity game and wanted to know what it’s like to have it on mobile, then this is your chance.

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