Bird Zapper by Namco Games is a three-match puzzle game. While the puzzle concept isn’t new, the game ups the ante by incorporating lots of power ups and a moving field of play. The genre is filled true, but this game breathes fresh life into it. The graphics are very good and its numerous modes give it plenty of value.

Birds have taken over the power lines and you must help Skippy the Squirrel remove those flying pests. Just match three birds of the same kind and zap them away. However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds because the birds are always moving. Bird Zapper starts off with three power lines, and when you get through these at Survival Mode, more lines pop up.

The additional lines help with matching birds, but it is challenging trying to monitor all those birds that are across your display. There’s an energy gauge which tells you the amount of electricity in the round. This is essential to winning in Survival Mode. This is also necessary if you play in Blitz mode, where time is limited. If you pop a thousand birds you get a new battery to boost your energy.

Bird Zapper also comes with a lot of power ups that make the game more interesting, and the mechanics are very easy to pick up and learn. There are several ways to finish off the birds, the best ones being the dynamite and ice block that freeze the birds. You can also use the military bird which can target all the birds belonging to a single breed.

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