Tomb of the Mask from Happymagenta is retro style game, and while it looks like something out of the classic video game era, it has elements similar to what you’d find in modern mobile games including simplified mechanics, characters to unlock and upgrades.

The premise is simple enough: you swipe the screen towards the direction you want to go and collect coins and points. All the dots you collect boost your score, but keep in mind your character will be constantly on the move until it runs into a wall. Speaking of the same wall, your hero needs to move fast because the wall under the screen is always moving and you don’t want to get caught up on it.

That doesn’t sound too hard on its own, but there are a lot of obstacles in your way: going through the tomb requires quick reflexes, plus you have to steer clear from spikes, pointed objects and creatures going after you.

Tomb of the Mask also requires good timing: your swiping motion needs to be just right so you’ll get past the bats and the puffer fish, and there’s also the moving wall behind you. But it’s not entirely one sided since there are a lot of power ups, including one that attracts dots and coins to you and freezing your opponents.

Tomb of the Mask requires precision and quick thinking, but it’s a lot of fun and should keep you playing for a long time. While challenging, it’s going to keep you coming back for more.

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