I just died and went to electro pop heaven after hearing Foxtrott‘s latest EP, Shields. The three-track collection captivates the ears with a plethora of highly infectious tunes crafted all the way from Montreal, Canada.

Shields EP have been making a lot of waves on the indie circuit and is a solid starting point for Marie-Helene L. Delorme a.k.a Foxtrott, who have frequented festivals like SXSW and Pop Montreal with her dreamy, beat-driven pop.

In this collection, quality prevails over quantity as each song bursts with sonic oddness and an elite musical taste. Listen as they differ between texture and arrangement, but still work together to represent the different musical dimensions that make up Foxtrott‘s unique but accessible sound.

Shields opens up the album with heaps of raw energy transformed into a polished ensemble of infectious vocals and electro beats. Little by little, the subtle introduction rages into a beat-heavy arrangement that features a reverberating, hand-clapping tempo. However, the surprise does not end there, as Foxtrott treats our ears with a wonderful blend of strobe-light pulses and percussion.

Colors soars high and dark with solid electro tunes that throb slowly along random, eccentric beats. The certainty of the former and the disorder of the latter create a stark yet elating contrast, which greatly appeals to the aural perception.


Wrapping up the EP is Head Unders Water, a beaming electro pop song that embraces bits of hip hop and ambient influences. It has a textured, atmospheric vibe embellished with sharp beats and reverberating vocals reminiscent of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Florence and the Machine.

Whether you’re dancing in the club, out for a run, or in need of a quick dose of psychedelic high, Shields EP is the ideal energizer that features a euphoria of endorphin-inducing melodies to shake the stress away. This EP shows that Foxtrott definitely has more than one trick up her sleeves, and we are craving to hear more.

Track List:
1. Shields
2. Colors
3. Heads Under Water

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