Can’t get enough of tasteful dream pop? Then take a bite of Nighty Night’s self titled EP released last July 2011.

Hailing from Carbondale, IL, Nighty Night is Mary, Zach, Chris, Marcus, and David. This EP features four tracks and is a prelude to their self-titled LP.

The collection opens up with Loan Sister, a not-your-ordinary sweet indie pop record as sharp drum beats cuts deep through the soul. The ambient, psychedelic vocals paints a stark contrast with the lively guitar play-up.

Search Party follows with a lighter vibe and a slower tempo. Press play and let this track give you that steady psychedelic high. A Stranger’s House on the other hand makes use of soft cooing beats and a simple, continuous guitar tune that lays the foundation for this song.

Closing the album in a powerful way is Flesh & Bone, this standout track features a rich, complex arrangement that blends organically in the ears. The echoing vocals gives a lot of texture to this sonic gem.

All in all, Nighty Night shows a lot of potential to shine in the indie scene as they have delivered a solid and entertaining EP.

Track List:
1. Loan Sister
2. Search Party
3. A Stranger’s House
4. Flesh & Bone

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