We’re not really trekking anything, but we’d gladly belay for Wilderness Survival to climb to the top of those charts soon.

On Belay Belay On is the band’s fourth full-length project, and has earned praises from different outlets with regards to its greatness. The Union Tribune describes the songs as lovable, while Obscure Sound calls the effort “a conceptual masterpiece”, to mention a few.

Truly, this 2010 masterpiece from friends Nick Grosvenor and Shane Reed is set to astound you in both its production and songwriting aspects.

Ear candy “I’m The One” sets the tone for what we should expect the collection to have: unshakeable hooks, pop-leaning drum beats, and clever synth work. Standout tracks like “We Cannot Lose” and the ending track “Well Made Ads” delightfully possess these.

You may as well link it to the styles of alternative darlings such as Oasis and Radiohead, since there’s no other comparison we could liken it to.

Be sure to check out one of the staff’s picks, “Catch and Release“, whose peculiar meshing in of Oriental percussion makes it one of the more peculiar arrangements we’ve heard all year.

We can’t believe these guys aren’t that top 40 staples yet.

Track listing:
1. I’m The One
2. All The Ways I Do
3. Hierarchy
4. We Cannot Lose
5. I Didn’t
6. We Fall Asleep
7. You Got To Me
8. Byzantine Love
9. Overnight
10. Catch and Release
11. Drive Me Wild
12. Well Made Ads

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