Kit Oh Nein! is the brainchild of indie-rock musician Ryan Milligan, who is known by many as the singer for The Hotwalls. With 2012’s KON!, the band introduced us to its distorted and reverb-y brand of indie pop. Now, on Nein Mile, their second studio album, we see Kit Oh Nein! amplifying this hazy garage sound to give us a more expansive project.

With an average track length of about two minutes, Nein Mile is a quick affair. Each song is meant to be a brusque burst of pop-rock that doesn’t outstay its welcome. Short though it may be, the album feels rich and plentiful, with the band packing in a chock-full of styles and influences within its terse 25 minutes.

The post-punk-ish Solstice opens the album with its murky, droning guitars, creating a haunting, Joy Division-eque atmosphere. Graduation, on the other hand, marks a sharp turn, steering the album into pop rock territory with its catchy chord progression; the track also introduced us to Milligan’s fiery lead guitar, prepping us up for the sublime little solo on Embattled. The folk rock of The Release comes as a twist near the end, while Homemade closes the album with a slow-burning ballad.

Favorite Tracks: Embattled, Storied Isis, Solstice


Track List
1. Solstice
2. Graduation
3. Babies In War
4. Outlier
5. Storied Isis
6. Embattled
7. Dark Woods
8. Dear Gaia
9. Nein Mile
10. No Return
11. The Release
12. Homemade

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