The Velvet Chameleon: I/O

Roaring with distinguished sounds inspired by a Radiohead, Jack White, John Mayer, and Queens of the Stone Age, The Velvet Chameleon‘s latest release is a solid package ready to hit the radio waves. Simply titled I/O, the five-track collection aims to blend drive and structure with off-beat melodies and rhythms.

Goodmorning: Soul Monitor

Goodmorning might seem like a forgettable name for a band/musician but the sound is definitely something that won't be easily forgotten. The person behind the music is actually just one-man, Eric Slyter. Soul Monitor is a side project for the singer since he's also a member of the band, Murakami. The album contains 11-tracks, some of which were songs he started recording back in November 2010. Combining a mix of bedroom pop, indie and alternative, his songs capture a sincerity and warmth listeners can easily enjoy.

The Velvet Chameleon: Dandruff

Adarsh Fernando aka The Velvet Chameleon is certainly one talented guy. Inspired by musicians like Led Zeppelin and Radiohead; the guy knows how to create sonically entertaining tracks. Dandruff contains 4 tracks and belongs to the set of EPs the artist plans to release for 2011/2012. This might seem like a short album with only very few songs but there's no shortage in interesting and likable cuts on here. The EP is offered as a free download and licensed under a Creative Commons License.

The Velvet Chameleon: Clusterfunk

Promising to create several EP releases for 2011 and 2012, The Velvet Chameleon is holding its side of the bargain and delivers amazing EPs one after another. Clusterfunk was released late 2011 and features 5 tracks that echo influences from Radiohead and various other bands. Spearheaded by Adarsh Fernando, the band can easily impresses with their upbeat alternative pop. The EP is available as a free download and licensed under Creative Commons.

Strange Mangers: Strange Mangers

Quiet, post rock group from Boston, Strange Mangers, finally releases their melancholic and hypnotic self-titled debut compilation. Listening to the band's sound, you'll capture a whiff of melodic guitars, coupled with hazy vocals and an expansive range of sounds that seem to take you from dreamland, reality, and back. Although the band is still new and there's hardly anything about them online, their sound is enough to convince listeners that their post rock sound is worth checking out and listening to. Their album is currently available for free at BandCamp.

Chasing Mars: EP

There's a new comer in cool indie camp and it seems like their ready to stay for a while. Just like it's galactic-sounding name, Chasing Mars' new EP offers an out-of-this-world musical experience in rich proportions. Hailing from Chicago, the band is composed of Neven Armic, Sean Goes, Sam Brown and Justin Schmidt. Describing their sound as the bastard love child of The Flaming Lips, Radiohead and Coldplay, this independent group will conveniently fill any electro-rock void.

Pat Parra: Lowered

One of my favorite indie album find of late, Pat Parra's Lowered is a beautiful and convincing debut record from the San Jose native. Released on BandCamp last June 2011, the album plays host to a multitude of genres and moods. You'll get a bit of 90s alternative, R&B, soul, anti-folk and even a few heavier indie rock pieces. All of which float around before successfully coalescing into sweeping guitars, moody electronics and intriguing vocals. The album was mastered at Different Fur by Patrick Brown and shortly after the release, Pat debuted a music video for the single, Forget Your Love.