BibDesk is an open source program for the Mac that you can use to manage and edit bibliographical notes as well as any associated facts and web links and files. This program by the BibDesk development team makes it easy for you to manage your bibliography for use in other Mac applications.


It’s hard to emphasize how difficult it can be to manage a bibliography, but BibDesk makes it very easy. It has drag and drop capability for easy management of your files and you can copy and paste web references online as well. In addition the application has an edit and search feature for easy reference. In addition, it will keep all your PDF files filed and sorted and with its BibDesk PubMed you can look in its online database too.

If you do a lot of work you can browse several web databases using the application and import data. BibDesk also has support for Google Scholar, Hubmed and ACM DL, and its powerful scripting, input filters and group scripting makes it very convenient to use. Smart groups and keywords are supported and you can use them to keep organized.

For all of its powerful features, BibDesk is very easy to use and you will have an easier time manage your bibliography. This application is very versatile and it is especially useful for those who use Latex. If you’re among those who have had trouble with bibliographies, then try this out.

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