Tap Defense pits you against monsters from the underworld who are trying to break down different barriers just to get to heaven. Offered absolutely free in the App Store, the game is considered one of the best tower defense strategy games available for free.

It was created by TapJoy and since it’s release it has become of the biggest, most downloaded free apps in the iTunes library.

Of course, it’s not just because it’s offered for free that makes it great but it’s actually a very addictive and entertaining strategy game. Combining strategy and good old fun, you’ll certainly enjoy this one.

The game is a literal version of spiritual warfare. Essentially, you are on the good side and you play against the minions of darkness. The only thing that’s keeping them at bay is your towers. You are going to have to build, upgrade and strengthen your tower defenses in order to keep all of the devils and nasty creatures from getting to heaven.

Now, the game is pretty easy to learn. On the one end, you have your enemies, marching and making their way towards heaven along the winding path. Your goal is to put up towers and barriers that will prevent them from ever reaching “Heaven.” Of course, you start off with the simple type of barriers; water, cannon, or even bomb. Once you gain experience and have killed enough monsters, you’ll have a chance to exchange the gold for better barriers.

There are several types of monsters and some are resistant to certain tower barriers. Hence, you’ll need to strategize and take into account their vulnerability as well as hit points. Even though this may seem a bit overwhelming, once you start playing it becomes quite simple to learn.

Overall, the game is pretty amazing and very addictive. Pretty soon, you’ll be spending hours of your free time trying to figure out and finish all 42 levels. Worth downloading and having on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

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