Looking for the next teen idol who’s actually worth the listen? Clue: she’s nowhere within Miley, Justin, or One Direction.

We’d like to introduce you to 18 year-old prodigy Dana Lee Hom, who’s trying her luck in a world now saturated with 20-something female singer-songwriters. However, what she has in her armament — pure, unadulterated passion.

The Boston native kickstarts her debut album Almost Gone with the upbeat, piano-driven “Grow Old“. Drum beats couldn’t wait but enter just a few seconds later, turning it into a heartfelt love anthem that’s just…too sweet.

Still with her fingertips on those keys, Dana continues with her parade of bitter/sweet anthems — “Give It Up, Give It All Away“, “Empty Space“, and “Like We Did“, to mention a few.

Home girl might be taking cues from heartbreak cheese queen Taylor Swift, but we’re beginning to prefer the piano over those tiresome strums. By the time she hits it with a live session of “Almost Gone“, we’re already filled with the yearning that a respectable label comes and sweeps her off her feet.

We’re on a sugar high.

Track listing:

1. Grow Old
2. Give It Up, Give It All Away
3. Empty Space
4. This Old Recording (Ben’s Song)
5. Like We Did
6. Ten Times Forever
7. Halves We Had
8. Almost Gone (Live Session)

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