Time and time again Cut Music has proven that if you ever need a fix for some ambient electronic dub compilation, they’re the place to visit.

One of their latest offerings is this three song piece from Swedish producer, Totte Stankovich or simply Totte.  

Spending My Days EP provides a solid soundtrack for those chill out summer nights where you’d want to relax and party all night long. He’s included three of his personal favorite tracks to share with his fans in this compilation.

Totte’s music is described as “vibrant…and seemingly rooted within garage.” Out from the three tracks, you’ll hear a genuine warmth and great vibe that you only feel when you’re about to set foot on a great relaxing vacation.

Infused with exciting synths, Light Beams starts up the party. Running for more than 4 minutes, the song throbs with nice chillout beats that’s hard to resist. Moreover, expertly woven samples with vocal snippets turn the song into a hard to resist dancefloor staple.

Title track Spending My Days, is an equally energetic single filled with synaptic beats and more vocal samples. Tottee skillfully guides listeners to a smooth journey while the music beats on in the background. Finishing track, Stay, rounds the little EP perfectly.

Like any other Cut Music release, this one is worth checking out. Grab the free download over at BandCamp or help spread the word by paying with a tweet in exchange.

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