VLC DVD Ripper is a free ripping program that lets you convert your DVDs to different formats so you can play them on your favorite devices. This free program is also easy to use and it supports a number of popular audio and video formats.


Once the program is installed you can start ripping and converting. The interface is easy to understand and compatibility isn’t a problem because VLC DVD Ripper supports 3GP, PSP, MP4, WMV, MPEG and AVI. So whether you want to play that DVD on your laptop or mobile device, it won’t be a problem.

While VLC DVD Ripper produces high quality DVD conversions, it surprisingly doesn’t take up too much computer space or resources while running, a good thing especially if you’re a movie buff. The default settings for the program are fine but there are many other options available if you want to change them.

Each of the formats supported by VLC DVD Ripper has special configuration options so you can set them up just the way you want. For instance, the AVI settings allow you to add audio and video compressors, while the MPEG settings let you can control the audio channels, audio and video bitrate, sample rate and frame rate.

VLC DVD Ripper also makes it easy to check the present play position as well as the languages, subtitles and titles. The rip settings can also be modified so there are a lot of things you can do here.

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