Frozen Free Fall from Disney is the tie-in game for the movie Frozen, a match three puzzle that you can spend hours playing. Though the game has some similarities with other match three puzzles, the graphics here are much better and the controls easier to follow.

In Frozen Free Fall there are several colored ice pieces, and you need to swap these bits so three matches, after which they vanish. In addition, there are numerous power ups that you can use to help in the game. For instance, there is an ice pick that you can use to speed things up a bit.

The graphics and design are really good, and the frozen bits are intricately detailed. Also, you will see characters from the film are here and they are faithfully reproduced. The animation is also very smooth and is better than most other match three puzzle games.

Frozen Free Fall

If you love puzzle games you will like Frozen, as there are a lot of characters you can unlock and puzzles to go through. Although some elements of the game may look familiar, its use of graphics and power ups raise this above the level of the typical game.

If you are a match three puzzle fan, this is one game you will want to have. And even if you don’t play puzzle games, Frozen Free Fall will make you a believer. The well designed graphics and engaging gameplay makes this a winner, good for kids and adults.

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