Euthanasia might not be the next big horror game to watch out for, but it’s certainly worth looking into. The game is offered as as free download and initially came out last year.

In the game, you play as Shaun Randall, a retired military servicemen who ends up leading a boring, albeit slightly normal life; that is, until you are euthanised and killed. Then you start seeing the weird and the creepy, leaving you with a confusing but all too real dream.

The latest version works great but you have to manually replace certain patches in order to make it fully playable. Despite the slight trouble of manually doing this, the game is certainly a must-try.

You are Shaun Randall, a former military man who ended up working an ordinary office job at a food factory after leaving the service. Things were going well until one day you head for work and a taxi comes out of nowhere. You get hit unconscious. When you wake up, you find that your legs are petrified forever and you are bound to a wheelchair for the rest of your life. After attempting suicide, you’re checked into a mental facility. Dr.┬áVan Wargen, a resident physician, was compassionate about your predicament and takes it upon himself to alleviate your misery. He does this by killing you and making it look like a suicide. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning for you.

The game features really cool graphics. Of course, the bigger and faster your processor and video card is, the better the game will look. Currently, the game features about 7 levels that you can play without any problem. It’s also possible to save your progress by hitting ESC and ALT+Enter during the game.

Euthanasia is a game worth trying out. It might be a bit troublesome to apply the patches but it’s certainly worth it.

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