Newcastle-based musician/singer/songwriter Matthew Koutnik churns out an astonishing release titled Straight To the Sun. As remarkable as it is beautiful, Matthew Koutnik has crafted something truly out of the typical acoustic realm.

Opener Nestled in the Wings wakes you with an abrupt recurring drums, whistles, and soundscapes that fade through the end.

While Nestled in the Wings leaves you asking for more, Planes guarantee that your craving for easy listening indie music is satisfied. It carries you to a hazy daydream that puts you on a cozy ambiance. Finishing with the same looping soundscapes, Koutnik manages to transport you to kind of atmosphere you like to feel.

The first line of Sea Monsters—“resting on a sand bed, boats line the horizon”— hits you like an indie-sleeper. It deliberately builds up a rush of bass, synth-heavy amplifiers in the chorus then goes back again to that mellow sound shown at the beginning.


The EP continues to create gem after gem, as each song flows impeccably onto the succeeding. Eyes closed, Waterfalls takes you to a magical place where the song wants you to be. Aside from the great storytelling skills that Koutnik displays in this track, his vocals blend perfectly with the girl’s vocals on the background.

Up to the last track of the Straight To the Sun, delicate acoustic picks and shrewd song arrangements are maintained.

Track List:
1. Nestled in the Wings
2. The Plane
3. Sea Monsters
4. Mountain
5. His Home
6. All Day Long
7. Roses
8. Waterfalls
9. Straight to the Sun

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