Cubic Explorer is a free, open source file management program for Windows. Created by Cubic Reality Software, it offers a simple and intuitive way of managing your files. It has many advanced features but is easy enough for a casual computer user to use.

The program uses a single window for displaying your files, but it uses tabs. You can open, close and save these tabs and as the window is very clean you can perform file management tasks easily. Not only that, you can apply skins and themes to customize its appearance even more.

Many panels can be activated and one of them is the Folders, which gives you a tree view of all your files. Another panel in Cubic Explorer is Bookmarks, which as you will soon learn is a very useful feature. There is also a nice filter that allows you to make selections quickly either by folder or file types. Or you can always try the Quick View, allowing you a sneak peek at images on your computer.


Cubic Explorer also lets you arrange and customize the toolbars yourself, with an ability to make the panels and toolbars float. Another nice feature is that when you double click a listing window it will go up a level, something you will appreciate if you use the file regularly. Overall the program comes with many useful features, which you can always customize to your liking. But for the bigger part the default setup will work just great for most people.

There are many substitutes for Windows Explorer, and Cubic Explorer is one of them. It isn’t fancy but it gets the job done.

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