It is time to let your detective skills kick-in and solve amazingly intriguing mysteries with their far-share of twists. Special Enquiry Detail is a game that puts the player in the shoes of Detective Turino and Detective Lamonte. The game can really make a player scratch those grey cells of theirs.

Created by G5 Entertainment, the developer has done a fanatstic job by churning out titles such as Special Enquiry Detail and the quality can be seen in the game.

In-game players face a variety of cases, one of them being investigating a murder and bringing the killer to task. If we talk about graphics, then this game raises the bar a top-notch as it features real-life 30 locations where clues are scattered. Moreover, the location settings and environments are truly like a real-life crime scene, hence providing the whole immersive angle to the gameply storyline.

Players will first be encountered with a case, in which the daughter of two charity fundraiser has been murdered. The list of suspects keeps increasing with the games progress. The Detectives face an immense pressure form the mayor and the captain to solve the case ASAP. As players progress through the game, their role becomes very intensive and the eye-for-detail mode should kick-in for proper solving of the case.

Through the game, players will help with forensics, investigate clues, and interrogate the suspects to end the murderer and unveil the motive behind the crime. Special Enquiry Detail boasts of 30 real-life locations, 12 intriguing chapters, 25 mind-boggling mini-games, and a very well sketched storyline, making this the perfect Detective games available in the scene today.

Overall, the game is great and very high on the play-ability factor. The game scores on every point and definitely G5 has done a great job with this game.

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