The Balloon Quest is a 2D platformer game that combines classic gameplay with more than a few modern twists. This indie game from Get Grumpy Games is not just for lovers of video game classics but kids and adults who are looking for something new. The game centers on a boy and his sister, her balloon and their adventures together.

Balloon Quest is a game that certainly lives up to its name, as the siblings go through several adventures in a beautifully rendered fantasy world. Unlike other platformer and sidescrolling games Balloon Quest involves learning how to make the siblings work together to achieve success.

Balloon Quest graphics are very nice and the colors and texture accurately represent the fantasy world that its creators want to convey. Besides the graphics, the characters are very flexible, as you can make them run, float, jump and do other things, and you will need those skills as the game is going to throw a lot of challenges in your way. Aside from exploring this vast world, Balloon Quest also lets you compete for high scores, gather collectibles and more, underscoring how playable the game is. Besides the actual game you will also enjoy the cut scenes and the super sound.

Balloon Quest is easy to pick up, and the gameplay should engage anyone easily, but it also requires strategy and thinking on your part as there are more than a few puzzles here. It is a refreshing change from the other games on the PC and Mac that are ridiculously complicated, and this one is free to boot.

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