Bug Hunt is a cute game that will certainly give you some fun times ahead. This quirky little game is simple but quite addictive. In it, you play a little green dragon with a sticky tongue and a passion for bugs. Your goal is to eat as a many bugs as possible and obtain the highest score.

The game is available for download on theĀ Lazy Brain Games website. Just hit the “Play Now” button and it should start downloading automatically. It may start off simple and slow but once the speed picks up, you’ll have a hard time prying your sticky fingers off the keyboard until you manage to eat all those flying bugs!

Bug Hunt is a score based arcade game that features 2D graphics and an addictive gameplay. As mentioned, your goal is to ultimately capture all the bugs that you can and obtain the highest score. Essentially, if you’re the type who gets satisfied by seeing your name emblazoned in bright bold letters saying you have the highest score, then this game is for you.

Although the game starts off a bit slow, it soon picks up pace and leaves you no time to feel bored. Capturing all those bugs means you have to be quick on your feet and stick out your tongue a lot. Most of the bugs your green dragon eats are flies and mosquitoes. There are also bees but these need to be avoided as they can sting you and leave a sour taste in your mouth.

Controls are simple and everything is pretty basic. There’s no hardcore manual here, just simple basic gaming. There’s also an option to submit your top score. Only the five highest scores will be posted but at least if you every break through this list, you can bask in all your glory. Grab a download and see if you can make it to the top.

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