The Strike are a 6-piece band from Utah, that have been making bright, anthemic pop music since 2014. Over the years, they have garnered a reputation for their flamboyant performances and over-the-top theatrics on stage, which has earned them the chance to open for several popular artists like Journey, Kelly Clarkson and Carly Rae Jepsen. On their second album, Faint of Heart, they come together again to create a wild and dazzling pop spectacle.

The music on Faint of Heart blends contemporary club pop with the infectious neon-loaded sound of the 80s. Bright synthesizer stabs and strong, pulsating rhythms pummel each track forward while Chris Crabb‘s powerful vocals lead the way, making the album, in the end, an irresistible candy-bag of funk, disco and electro-pop. Though the tracks are linked by a thematic thread, each one manages to be fresh and preserve its distinctive identity. On The Police-esque Ghosts of My Hometown, the band borders on retro indie-rock, while I Fall Hard almost feels like a song by The Weeknd. Faint of Heart, in all, remains thoroughly consistent for all its length, and immensely catchy.

Favorite Tracks: Eye for an Eye, Faint of Heart, Ghosts of My Hometown, I Fall Hard, Human Right

Track List
1. Eye for an Eye 03:17
2. Faint of Heart 04:05
3. Economics 03:15
4. Ghosts of My Hometown 03:33
5. I Fall Hard 04:22
6. On Death’s Door 02:08
7. Cyanide Truth 03:39
8. Human Right 03:13
9. Please 02:42
10. All That I Need 03:35

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