With a thick portfolio that includes national tours, brand endorsements and successful collaborations, Katrina Stone is indeed no stranger to the spotlight. Her latest release proves that this folk-pop songstress from LA is not one to underestimate. Titled The Happy Ones, her 10-track collection features bouncing melodies and signature vocal stylings laden in tasteful pop production.

ā€œIā€™m at the point in my career where I can just have fun. I can write and produce whatever I want, take time to experiment,ā€ says stone on her Noisetrade page. She also describes this album as “eclectic” and something that “doesn’t really adhere to any specific genre.ā€œ


Lonely Soul opens up in a funky, whimsical tempo that accentuates Stone’s soulful yet saccharine vocals. Seconds upon pressing play and you’ll easily be embraced with carefree music that makes you warm and fuzzy as each line spills after the other.

While on Rediscover You, Stone stays on her folk roots with soft acoustic strings and evocative lines that smoothed out with fiddle-infused harmonies that bloom and gush slowly to the ears.

One of the standout tracks, The Happy Ones infuses electro musings with folk pop arrangement. It’s a fun, upbeat piece that ticks all the boxes for that perfect road trip anthem. The song triumphs in many dimensions (production, songwriting, and experimentation), creating a light and enjoyable listening experience.

All in all, The Happy Ones is a radio-polished collection that will not disappoint the listeners as it features fun pieces that could easily fit to any season or mood.

Track List:
1. Lonely Soul
2. Rediscover You
3. Ain’t No Rest
4. Find Your Own Way
5. Without My Heart
6. Abandon Ship
7. Boys Like You
8. The Happy Ones
9. Love’s Not Lost
10. Fall In Love Again

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