Summertime is a super swell time, except for the scorching heat that intensifies each year.

To complement (or to aptly put it,  “counter”) this temporal climate imbalance, a required listening of Derek Clegg‘s latest effort, Head Down Sunrise, is a must.

The talented, Chicago-based singer-songwriter has been at it since the turn of the decade, and a growing number of people are starting to love his beautifully wrought compositions.

The right blend of folk, alternative, and country starts with “Dock,” a modest, banjo-infused romp that introduces us to Clegg’s suave vocals and smooth instrumentation.

As we dig deeper into the collection, his brand of music culls the familiar melodies of ’90s alt-rock to mind, such as with the Weezer-esque “Breaking the Seal” and the pub-ready “Hollywood.”

Derek Clegg

The folk influences take over come “The Next Train,” a track that can very well sit next to The Lumineers’ and Mumford & Sons’ discographies.

Derek Clegg is definitely the talent to watch out for.

Track listing:
1. Dock
2. Spice
3. Breaking The Seal
4. I’d Rather Take The Old Way
5. Build A Wall
6. Hollywood
7. Miracle
8. Future Life
9. The Next Train
10. Better Days
11. Lucky
12. Nice For You
13. You Should Show It

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