Climb up the treehouse and wait for the melodies to come pouring forth.

An exaggeration, but that’s how listening to A Treehouse Wait‘s self-titled EP precisely feels and sounds like. Jenny Wahlström and her peers bring their amazing brand of indie pop from Stockholm to our ears — music that’s at par with the likes of Bon Iver and The Weepies.

Trust the progressive rhythm of “The Way You Are” bring you to life via its sunny arrangement, including light synth beats and piano keys which are played with a resounding aplomb.

Slowing things down a bit is the lovelorn “Into My Love“, where Jenny’s breathtaking vocals take its much-deserved spot on the limelight. Slightly evoking The Cranberries, this one calls for a romantic slow dance.

There’s also the brilliant “Come All You Thirsty“, a haunting gospel track whose mainstream guise could easily win the hearts of pop fans as well as Christian devouts. No doubt, a favorite.

Track listing:

1. The Way You Are
2. Into My Love
3. Come All You Thirsty
4. A New Heart
5. Anything
6. Never The Same

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