For all its worth, we can rely on up-and-coming musicians such as Megan Walsh for an ethereal listening experience.

Walsh sings the original compositions in her debut EP, All I Know, with juvenile brilliance and excitement that’s characteristic of every untainted, new artist who only dreams of performing — and nothing else.

Demo material, if you dismiss it, but “Yellow Roses” is a doe-eyed affair that strikingly reminds us of Taylor Swift’s very first single “Tim McGraw,” which catapulted her to bigger things. [Is this a sign?]

Never Alone” sustains the sweetness, albeit bordering on the “too much” fluff meter, and is easily forgivable as Megan lets us feel that love immensely, especially with those violin strums present.

However, the game changes with “Fill Your Heart,” a pure guitar romp that transforms an otherwise all-around positivity anthem into a rock-out feature, sans the big drum beats. [It can manage, though.]

An EP highlight comes in the form of “Part Of Me Knew,” which, basing on the title’s inferences, is a break-up song that’s still sung so innocently that we’re compelled to sympathize with beloved as if it was the best decision they came up with for the farce/relationship.

Future Dolly, Tanya, or Shania, it doesn’t matter; Megan Walsh is going to be huge.

Track listing:
1. Yellow Roses
2. Never Alone
3. Fill Your Heart
4. Now It’s Gone
5. Part Of Me Knew
6. Swoon

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