Get your dancing shoes on for some scorching hot dance-rock!

It’s difficult to put a finger on the music The Easton Ellises produces. [By the way, I haven’t read any Bret Easton Ellis novel yet. But I will, promise.] The vocals sound like a torn page from the ’90s, and the arrangement, meanwhile, is no doubt a trip back to 2005.

That, however, isn’t a problem at all, and makes this shiny second EP (aptly named EP – TWO) from the Canadian act a fun listen. Opening track ‘Sexdrugsandrocknroll,’ no matter how cliche-sounding, is indeed the musical equivalent of all those mentioned [vices not necessary]. The party continues in ‘Ersatz,’ an ode to obsession and deceit.

The boys’ lyrics probably mirror Ellis’ writing after all; ‘She Dreams Of Murder‘ is another rhythmic romp that alludes to, what else, a girl dreaming/planning the perfect murder. ‘Black Love‘ isn’t an exception; a synth-filled soundtrack to one creepy, dangerous love in first-person POV.

Oh yeah, the three remixes aren’t short of enjoyable, either.

Track list:
1. Sexdrugsandrocknroll
2. Ersatz
3. She Dreams Of Murder
4. Insomnia
5. Black Love
6. Black Love (Violet & The Mutant Remix)
7. Ersatz (D Xela & Nomis Yor Summer Mix Radio Edit)
8. Black Love (Nomis Yor’s Feed Your Addiction Remix)

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