Picture this: vintage cars, neon lights, and a permed mullet. If you’re looking to be transported to the glitz and glamor of the ’80s era, After Hours by Mitch Murder gives you a free ride down memory lane, where electrofunk and disco ruled the radiowaves.

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Mitch Murder is the moniker of producer Johan Bengtsson, creating retro synth pieces that remind you of the ’80s. Amidst the sudden overflow of artists/producers creating ’80s club/electro music these days, Mitch Murder separates himself from the rest by staying true to his chosen era and creating a genuine representation of its sound and culture.

The seven-track album welcomes the ears with After Hours Run, a three-minute piece that features atmospheric yet energetic electro tunes that jump and flow through rhythmic beats for a snappy and energized arrangement.

Coup de Théâtre follows with an orchestrated ensemble of sporadic synths and playful electro beats, which, when blended together, weaves that kind of sound that pumps you up while on the road or working.


Another personal favorite, Bertone’s Theme is a balancing act between two contrasting elements: small, rapid beats and slow, bold melodies. Whether you’re at work, on the road or simply working out at home, this track is a sure-fire way to keep you stimulated.

By staying true to its roots, Mitch Murder enlivens ’80s music and brings it to the future while still maintaining its flair for electro, highly energized pieces that excite both the ears and body.

Track List:
1. After Hours Run
2. Coup de Théâtre
3. Bertone’s Theme
4. Steel Mill Rendevouz
5. Square City
6. Night Shift
7. Outta Space

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