Ayla Nereo is a sonic equivalence of a siren luring you into a world of fairytale. Ayla Nereo’s BeHeld EP will descend in your eardrums like an angel falling down on earth. Released in May 2012, this EP consists of 13 ethereal tracks that will hit you like an arrow straight through the heart.

Apart from Ayla’s divine voice, her prowess in playing the guitar, piano, kalimba and percussion was also exhibited in these tracks. Her music is authentically enriching and inspiring, as if carrying wisdom through the lyrics and melodies of each composition.

As shown in Oh Love!, Ayla displays her alluring gentle strength and her poised stride of her vocals. Her voice is certainly special and rare, for it never neglects a note, never frays and always drifts in pure and genuine.

Just when you thought you are already familiar with this album, the songs revolutionize, offering new spheres of melody; each one possibly even more beautiful and impressive than the last. Waste Hours is different from the previous tracks in a sense that it has more a bubbly rhythm; making you want to run around barefoot while wearing a sundress.

The last track on this EP is Headin’ North. If you are looking for a track to relax yourself with while you are on the road, this is definitely the right one for you. Infuse the scenic landscape and serene weather with the soothing vibe of this track for a great journey of a lifetime.

BeHeld is a combination of rare innocence and charm. Ayla is fearless to show fragility and sincerity, which makes all the tracks heartfelt.

Track List:
1. Oh Love!
2. Hello Beloved
3. Feathered Bow
4. Colors
5. I Could Write
6. Rest, Child
7. Winds of the West
8. Thorny Rose
9. Wasted Hours
10. It’s Okay
11. Asalam Shalom
12. Sacred Mountain
13. Headin’ North

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