Craving for a new sound? Try to take a bite from Malayalam Beats vol. 1 and get ready to experience an eargasmic album bursting with flavor.

This seven-track collection is The Marv‘s debut EP that pays tribute to her French-Lankan origins. Selecting samples from Malayalam movie songs, The Marv has constructed a connecting bridge between traditional and modern.

A few seconds in the opening track Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa and you’ll eventually get hooked. The special blend of Indian melodies and hiphop beats stirs curiosity and surprise as they go so well together.

Once Upon a Time follows with hand-clapping beats, spacey electro tunes, and beautifully-arranged sample vocals. The Marv stays true to her roots by giving justice to the Malayalam beats–the hiphop/electro musings added was not to deconstruct the piece but to boost it to a whole new level.

Under the Waterfall shifts gear from traditional to hiphop creating an organic piece. While A Night in Kerala brings us back to images provincial landscapes. The ringing sound fluttering in the piece adds texture to the song.

Get lost in a jungle of beats and instruments in Cobra Move. This closing track envelopes the whole theme of the collection as it boasts ethnicity, traditional instruments, and modern arrangement.

The Marv is true to her roots and it is flawlessly executed in this collection. It is an incredible experience to witness how a seed of idea unfolds and materializes right in your ears. This is definitely an album to watch out for.

Track List:
1. Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa
2. Once Upon a Time
3. Odiva (Come Running)
4. Dancing in the Evergreen Fields
5. Under the Waterfall
6. A Night in Kerala
7. Cobra Move

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