Lovely vocal work, amazing guitar skills and a very beautiful, calming melodic sound; Mckenzie Toma definitely knows how to make listeners want more of her music. This Chicago native is currently offering her latest release as a free digital download over on BandCamp. It is a six track compilation that is filled with gorgeous indie folk and country songs that’ll make any folk lover melt or smile silly.

Blessed with a heartwarming and endearing voice, McKenzie captivates her listeners track after track. The record is a first for the singer and with so much obvious talent up her sleeve, it certainly won’t be her last. It’s a compilation that certainly deserves plenty of exposure.

This mini debut opens with the acoustic country number, Black Rain, Black Horse. Greeting the listeners with an upbeat acoustic guitar strumming and a great country vibe. It’s a song that beautifully sets the mood for the entire record and serves as the perfect introduction to McKenzie’s gorgeous music. Fickle Fire, on the other hand, is a quiet track that’s perfect for any of your silent musings. I can imagine this song playing in the background whenever I want to relax and simply want the day to unfold slowly. There’s another version of the track that’s also included in the record which was produced by Devendra Banhart.

Another personal favorite is the enchanting cut, Lions. This wonderful piece is moody and has a very nice raw sound. It’s as if the singer was singing right in front of you. McKenzie’s voice resonates with an emotional depth that’s accompanied by the quiet guitar strumming; very lovely track, indeed.

This record is truly a gem. It’s worth checking out, downloading, and making a staple in your everyday iPod playlist. Give it a download today.

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