Requin Chagrin, a one-woman pop act by French indie-rocker Marion Brunetto, belongs to the famous La Souterraine – a loose collective of artists determined to preserve the French language as a national pop mother tongue, as hordes of the country’s musicians switch to English lyrics in pursuit of a global audience. And on Requin Chagrin’s self-titled debut, we are given a stunning example of the language’s sonic beauty amidst Marion’s haunting synthesizers and fuzzy guitar chords.

The words “requin chagrin” directly translate to “grief shark” – a term that serves as an odd yet fitting capturing of the album’s tone and music. Even if listeners are unable to comprehend Marion’s French lyrics, her album paints in their heads a blurry picture that manages to be both gloomy and vibrant at once, through its wistful melodies and Marion’s gentle yet hypnotic vocal delivery. The ambiance is dreamy and reminds strongly of the music of The War on Drugs; and the mix also possesses a charming DIY, garage-pop aesthetic. To add to the record’s eccentricity, Marion often utilizes surf-rock inspired chord progressions, with the summer-y vibes being especially noticeable on Riviera.

Favorite Track: RC

Track List
1. RC 03:26
2. Poisson lune 03:10
3. Adelaïde 02:52
4. Riviera 03:01
5. Alysson 04:18
6. Le chagrin 03:09
7. Bleu nuit 03:01
8. Rose 03:01
9. Ciao Rubello 03:20

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