If, and only if, you ever get to encounter a ‘gorgeous bully’, you should know that fighting back isn’t an option.

This clever title is the moniker of Thomas Crang, a Manchester-based musician who has helped transition the act from a solo project to a band effort.

Though these bullies have come a long way from obscurity — touring the UK with other rising artists — it’s helpful to our understanding of them that on the debut EP alone, The Young Obese, they have already crafted their own brand of underground pop.

Never Cry” is a sunny pop jam that puts a deliciously grungy twist on the Beatles’ rock-and-roll formula. “Stamp” further stresses this, and together, they’re already hinting as possible sprightly entries on that enviable road trip playlist.

The latter two tracks, “Quiet House” and “Adjusting to Change“, likewise, are drum-heavy slices of heaven which earns the EP lots of points for tone consistency.

Young and obese: the way we like our jams, thankyouverymuch.

Track listing:
1. Never Cry
2. Stamp
3. Who Do You Think You Are
4. Quiet House
5. Adjusting to Change

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