It is a known fact that music is a therapeutic art, for both, the listener and the musician. And we are constantly reminded of this by instances like Haley Greene‘s who lost her 18 year old sister to suicide and turned to her passion for music to fight her depression and stigma. Haley’s debut EP, Revisiting Doors is deeply personal and “seeks to let listeners know that our past is not without meaning”.


Through most of the EP, Haley openly expresses her desire for an ideal romance. Even when she sings “This isn’t how I expected it to be a year from that day” on the opener Two Trees In a Dark, she sounds hopeful and aware of how important it is to feel loved.

The sound of the record fits into the slow, melodic and slightly dreamy style of pop made popular by artists such as Lana Del Ray and Daughter. But Haley’s also willing to experiment as shown by Unrequeited which hits us with an explosive assault of dubstep halfway through.

Describing her album on her website, Haley called it a “chronological storybook”, and it feels like one only if you’re attentive. She takes her with you through her bittersweet and somewhat doubtful state of mind as she reminisces about her past affairs and the times when her love went unrequited (most deftly expressed on Snowed In). She reaches the conclusion, ending with the fittingly named Love More, that sometimes all it takes is to “love more” to be loved back.

Favorite Track: Acorns


Track List
1. Two Trees In The Dark
2. Revisiting Doors
3. Snowed In
4. Unrequited
5. Acorns
6. Love More

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