Color Splash Effects by Kite Games Studio is a photo editing app for the iOS, but instead of just focusing on the special effects, what the app does is let you apply coloring effects selectively on images, a really fun feature especially if you only want to use an effect on a particular part of an image.

Color Splash Effects makes it easy to add effects to color, black and white and grayscale images, and basic photo editing features are built in as well. You can crop an image before editing it, after which you will be taken to the main screen. There you’ll see the zoom and pan tools for doing close up work. When this is enabled you use your finger to pan, and if it’s disabled you use your finger to apply the effect.

The default brush settings should work for most casual users, but if you want to fine tune the effect, choose from one of the preset brushes available: you can even customize its softness, opacity and diameter, and the changes you make really have an effect on the outcome.

color splash effects screenshot

Several effects are built in the app – you can turn a black and white image into a sepia or another tone with just one tap, and it’s also possible to make manual adjustments to the color. There’s also a slider that allows you to modify the original color of an image.

If you go over to the More Tools tab you’re going to see other utilities available like zoom preview and many others. If you feel you made a mistake – an undo option is available at your fingertips making this a complete app.

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