In need of good acoustic music? Brock Tyler‘s latest musical project Summer Moon is a goldmine of soothing folk indie tracks.

Brock Tyler is a songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Alberta, Canada. Tyler roots his musical inclination in his childhood where he tried playing a variety of instruments. In 2007, he released his debut full-length album titled Unclosing, which he toured in 2008 around Canada.

His most successful album, You Can’t Keep The Sun Down, was released in 2011 and made a lot of buzz in the indie scene because of its distinct sound defined by natural acoustics.

Released in July 17, 2013, Summer Moon features four radio-polished tracks that clearly paints a quiet city street on a warm, moon-filled night.

Jangly guitars open the album in Why Do You Go From Me? Tyler’s voice serves as a backbone to this track as it escalates and soothes down in all the right places. This, coupled with atmospheric arrangement will surely give you the chills.


As the Moon Draws Water translates the sweetness of summer air and the warmth of a new-found love to smooth sailing melodies. This piece makes an ideal backdrop to late night dinners. While pure folk goodness seals the album in Bike Riding.

In this collection, Brock Tyler has once again proven his impeccable musical taste and talent. With sonic pieces that penetrates through our veins, Summer Moon is definitely an album that demands repeat.

Track List:
1. Why Do You Go From Me?
2. Obligatory Short Introductory Track that is Derivative of the Next Song
3. As the Moon Draws Water
4. Bike Riding

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