The Mutts play a unique version of the blues that centers around the bottom end of Bob Buckstaff on bass, Chris Faller on Drums and Mike Maimone on keys and rasping and roaring vocals. Tells Of Parallels is Mutts third EP and finds this very tight band stretching their brand of the blues to incorporate more experimental elements that takes them away from the blues and into their own musical territory. Mike’s vocals are reminiscent of Tom Waits but louder and with a more aggressive delivery. This Chicago based trio deliver a unique EP.

“Junior” starts things off with a lurching amble that turns into loud stomp that is as aggressive as you will hear blues based music played.

“Masquerade” features some of the more experimental music stretches with a healthy dose of jazz thrown in.

The Mutts sound  is always morphing and I always look forward to another release by them. They never repeat themselves. I have seen them live and it is quite the experience. I have never seen a group use that much bottom end sound.  The guys are presently working on a full length, that I anxiously await.

I am fortunate enough to call Mutts friends and talked with Mike at length after he released his first EP about which Creative Commons sites he could  his music on.   The Mutts have grown to be a cohesive yet sometimes frightening musical monster. Even thought, they are really down to Earth guys.  Check out the video I filmed of them at Lincoln Hall Chicago.

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