Kesang Marstrand, a Tibetan-Danish singer, is a native of Woodstock, New York. She is an unusually gifted singer and composer that writes eloquent and emotional sketches. Marstrand reinterpreted Tunisia’s national anthem and for weeks, the version was broadcasted several times a day both on local television and radio stations. Her inspirations include Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and Elliot Smith.

Hello Night is a twelve-piece compilation recorded at Sertso Studio in New York. It opens up with Dandelion, where Kesang wastes no time to display her uncanny talent in singing and playing the guitar.

Carry On Cricket immediately follows it up with a meditative, graceful and becalmed intonation. Sleepy Town brings out Marstrand’s candor and poetry that isn’t easily matched by your average acoustic performer.

Listen To Your Heart is a melodic, symbolic and narrative tune that creates a literary value to her contemporary style while Hello Night and Sleep Tight both showcases her high and clear soprano voice that is easily recognized amongst the vast field of voices.

This album is an excellent testament to Kesang’s tenacity and integrity as an artist, and her remarkable skill as a poet and musical innovator. Marstrand unleashes a touching list of songs that manages to break through the disappointment and the occasional absence of hope in the world.

Track List:
1. Dandelion
2. Carry On Crickets
3. Hush
4. Sleepy Town
5. In the Land of Dreams
6. Cocooned In My Blanket
7. Listen to Your Heart
8. Among the Green Leaves
9. Hello Night
10. Sleep Tight
11. Rest
12. All the Little Children

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