There’s no need to travel to a far-flung island or a cabin in the mountains to escape. You just need to plug in your earphones and listen to good music. Tumbleweed Wanderers‘ EP, Worn Down Welcome, offers breezy Americana folk rock that provides a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Hailing from Oakland, California, Tumbleweed Wanderers is the brainchild of Rob Fidel, Jeremy Lyon, Patrick Glynn, and Greg Fleischut. The band started their journey playing on the streets of San Francisco with numerous jam sessions, and, just after two years, has made their footing in the indie scene.


The band’s signature of melding soul and bluegrass with alternative rock is clearly showcased in the title track, Worn Down Welcome. Here, the band welcomes old and new fans with layers of intricate banjo plucking laden with subdued songwriting. However, the subtle melodies seamlessly progress in lively, crowd-swaying harmonies with touches of lush soul. The contrast between the two is a pleasant surprise to listeners, and, at the same time, a unique twist to traditional folk arrangements.

The second stop is Let it Go, which is a progressive bluegrass piece that incorporates hints of rock n’ roll to add texture and funk to each melody. What makes the Tumbleweed Wanderers‘ music so special is that it creates a connection with the listeners by creating melodies that are comforting, true to its roots and reminds you of the old times.

Fire closes the album with a unique blend of two contrasting elements: ambient electro tunes on the background and rhythmic drum beats on the foreground. Contrasting as these elements may seem, the two extreme melodies balances each other out, creating an organic arrangement that sounds perfect to the ears.

Whether you are in a crowded bus to work or at home prepping for a long day, Worn Down Welcome, is the perfect prelude to your day. So go ahead, press download, and let Tumbleweed Wanderers calm your soul.

Track List:
1. Worn Down Welcome
2. Let it Go
3. Troubadour
4. Fire

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