Seattle-based trio of Joel Schneider (guitar, vocals), Andy Lum (drums) and Cody Votolato (bass) aka My Goodness treats fans with Pyre, a four-track that spins alternative rock to the core.

My Goodness opens with a bang in Young Turks. Get energized with sharp-edged riifs and textured vocals as a jungle of bass and drums vibrates within your ears. While Cold Feet Killer slows things down a bit with a stripped down intro that highlights Schneider’s impeccable voice that’s certainly fit for that hard/classic rock sound. The slow-paced intro slowly transcends into a myriad of tunes that goes hard on rock.

In the band’s acoustic version of Bottle, we see a new face of My Goodness where soft cooing guitars melt on the background to give way to the song’s empowered lines.

One of my favorite pieces, In The Sun closes the album with much swag and sensuality. Rapid drum beats and bass are toned down with Schneidel’s ultra cool delivery, creating a piece that appeals to hard and classic rock lovers.


The trio certainly knows their craft as each song is a stirring lyrical symphony where instrumentation and vocals condense into an engaging listening experience.

Track List:
1. Young Turks
2. Cold Feet Killer
3. Bottle (Acoustic)
4. In The Sun

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