Experience a new face of acoustic rock as Nashville, Tennessee-based band Awake! Awake! crafts some clever soothing music in Future Fire (Acoustic). Awake! Awake! is the brainchild of David Johnson (lead vocals, synths) and Andrew Goodwin (guitar, vocals, synths).

First stop is Heart on Fire, an acoustic piece that showcases earthly guitar arrangement and ethereal layered vocals. One prominent feature of the piece is its clean production that makes it easy to digest.

Coming from the same mold as of the previous track, Restless spins a raw energy by utilizing crisp vocals, emotional delivery, and well-penned lines. Paired with a bottle of vino, this sedative sonic gem is ideal for late night relaxation. While A Sweet Economy peps up the collection with animated strings and elevated notes.

Clocking in at six, standout track Clever Spies transports the listeners into an emotional self-reflection. Listen as the moving lines sink in your skin. Johnson’s impeccable voice shines through this song. His ability to churn out high, ghostly notes adds texture to this wonderful piece.

Wrapping up the album is Equation, an acoustic rock piece that’s made up of well-arranged strings and a solid vocal delivery. The song perfectly encapsulates the band’s musical brand.

Future Fire is a marriage of restless energy and smooth delivery. Awake! Awake!’s ability to conjure such a polished collection reflects the duo’s skill and mastery of their own genre. Don’t miss the chance to grab this free musical goody!

Track List:
1. Heart On Fire (Acoustic)
2. Restless (Acoustic)
3. Taken (Acoustic)
4. A Sweet Economy (Acoustic)
5. Tomorrows (Acoustic)
6. Clever Spies (Acoustic)
7. Equations (Acoustic)

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