Ready for some fresh hip hop beats? Russell Scott revamps this well-loved genre with a trip back to the ’60s where sonic flavors and revolutionary colors brimmed the brightest.

Seldom do you encounter an album as fresh as this. Inspired by the master painter Dali, So•real•ism encapsulates what the title is all about. Russel Scott breaks boundaries and explores a unique marriage with a beautiful era—a solid feat for an up-and-coming artist.


Born 9 June in Colorado, music had a great influence in young Russell’s childhood. His dad loved listening to oldies, Motown and classic rock jams, which greatly influenced his musical taste. Russell found his love for music during middle school and developed it more in college. On his Facebook page, Russell describes his passion for music like this, “For the first time in life I can’t sleep at night, I got verses in my mind that I need to write.”

In this new EP, animator/DJ/musician pushes his artistic envelope as shown in the EP’s opening track, Going Up the Country. A few seconds into the song and you’ll be immediately hooked by a quirky blend of solid beats and playful melodies. The unnatural juxtaposition between current hip-hop/rap verses and ’60s samples works really well together.

The sonic surprise continues in Sweet City Woman, where the listeners are treated with folk strings and funky hip-hop groove. Russell Scott’s crisp rapping blends well with the sway-inducing melodies, creating the perfect track to spread some good vibes. While Daydream may just be the perfect music for weekend mornings. Hit the play button and let the song’s wit and backbeat get you into the right mood.

As Summertime closes the album, Russell Scott shows us how one can translate ideas into a perfect finished product. In this piece, Russell takes the listeners to a “walk in the park” with jazzy/blues vocal samples set on a rhythmic and strong hip-hop foundation.

Listening to this album gives you a musical frisson that you do not get when listening to other hip-hop collections. Yes, the album is superb, but more than, it’s an irrational jungle of ideas that you think wouldn’t work at first, but surprises you in each beat, rhyme, and imagery. Kudos, Russell Scott, we can’t wait to hear more from you!

Track List:
1. Going Up the Country
2. Sweet City Woman
3. Daydream
4. Nena Ven A Mi (Come with Me) Feat. Jay/R
5. In the Summertime

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