Singing heartthrobs seem to be the trend of the moment. Who can blame ’em?

When there’s smoke, there’s fire. Former The Voice contestant Austin Ellis isn’t the one to back down, and he continues his professional musicianship with an eight-track acoustic EP entitled The New Vision.

We don’t know what’s up with this shift from ‘voice’ to ‘vision’, but the our homeboy keeps things fairly simple yet rich as he chooses to rely on pure guitar and voice alone, despite his readiness for a full production. [And we like it.]

Austin conjures up a serenade with the starter, “Birthday Gift,” a narration of his encounter with a girl in Australia during his, umm, birthday. As he hits the following “Ocean,” listeners can already trace Jack Johnson and John Mayer’s profound influence, particularly on his vocal stylings.

We’re not complaining, of course, especially as he comes to his own person with the staff pick, “False Alarms,” which is just as original as it’s overwhelmingly familiar.

Next Ed Sheeran, maybe?

Track listing:
1. Birthday Gift
2. Ocean
3. Whole New Thing
4. Wishing Well
5. Old Soul
6. If He Tells You That He Loves You
7. False Alarms
8. Forever

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