Some of the best music probably stems from one’s reminiscences about his or her hometown, and Suburban Heart is no exception.

In his latest project, Zac CoeThe All-About is his pseudonym – solely mans the boat, almost. Well, yeah, he’s enlisted some friends, but the nitty-gritty, such as the autoharp and the glockenspiel, are entirely his.

Synths and an Alex Gaskarth-ish voice kick-start the EP in “Nashville”, which will initially mislead you into thinking that this is a punk rock record – but I kid you not: this isn’t. As the rhythm moves fluidly to “Summer Sheets”, those hand claps and breezy drum beats tell you that this is a pure indie fare.

The previously-released single “Whatever, Happy Birthday” is here also, and it’s one sad ex-girlfriend anthem that’s actually, well (it’s hard to say this), emotionally endearing. For the succeeding tracks, Coe works this morose mood to his advantage, even transforming it to the upbeat staff pick “Lyla Garrity”.

Zac Coe

The EP ends with the “season finale” edition of “Suburban Heart”, a great inversion of the happy-go-lucky track # 3 version, complete with a ‘Xylo Myloto’-esque breakdown at the interlude. We couldn’t be happier.

If you had your ‘suburban heart’ both uplifted and trampled upon, this is your jam.

Track listing:

  1. Nashville
  2. Summer Sheets
  3. Suburban Heart
  4. Whatever, Happy Birthday
  5. Jessie
  6. Heat Wave
  7. Peregrine
  8. Lyla Garrity
  9. Bridge and Tunnel
  10. Suburban Heart

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