Stylusboy: Session for the Heilewelt

Stylusboy is a UK duo made up of Steve Jones and Rachel Grisedale. The duo creates enchanting folk music that echoes the beauty of a quiet day on the English countryside. Armed with an acoustic guitar and gorgeous vocal harmony, they bring in a sense of calmness with their tracks.

Austin Ellis: The New Vision

Singing heartthrobs seem to be the trend of the moment. Who can blame ‘em? When there’s smoke, there’s fire. Former The Voice contestant Austin Ellis isn’t the one to back down, and he continues his professional musicianship with an eight-track acoustic EP entitled The New Vision.

Joseph: Native Dreamer Kin

Sibling acts are always amazing. Look at Hanson, Haim, or in our case, Joseph. As to why they called themselves such, Portland residents Natalie, Allison, and Meegan explain that their name “Joseph” refers to the name of their grandfather, his homeland in eastern Oregon, and the dream interpreter himself — the biblical Joseph.

Samantha Ray: Royalty

Yes, we’ll never be royals, but we can still play the part. Just ask Samantha Ray. Being ‘royal’ in its conventional sense sounds so trite now that lexicographers need to hold a closed-door meeting to expand the boundaries of considering something as… royal. In case of Samantha, her interpretation (‘riding in cars’, ‘early morning coffee’, and ‘light through trees’) is one good candidate.