For those who are looking to add another name to their list of jangly pop favorites, Portuguese Bend is a band to watch out for. With the release of their three-track EP, The Coach, this New York band is making a strong case to let them into your music library.

The EP opens with a strong track aptly titled New Arrivals. Though the track is short, clocking in at only 1:26, the band has managed to come up with a solid song. When the band declares, “We are new arrivals” you feel that they meant it and that this song is the appetizer to what could be a strong musical career. Driven by a bouncy melody and guitar riffs, this song could easily fit any “music-to-listen-to-while-driving-to-the-beach playlist.

Sandwiched in the middle is Chavez Ravine, the band’s version of a love song. Though more upbeat and guitar-driven, the lyrics is what gives away the song’s romantic intent. There is a feeling on earnestness that shows strong emo influences. It is the crunch and the power of the guitar work in this song that makes it memorable and catchy.

Rounding off the EP is June Bug, an inherently enjoyable track that lends the band a strong finishing kick. There is a rhythmic confidence attached to the arrangement that is channeled with energy and passion. The EP, aside from its strong showing, will leave you, more than anything else, with a hunger to hear more from this band.

Track List:
1. New Arrivals
2. Chavez Ravine
3. June Bug

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