Adapter for Mac and the PC takes away all the hassle that comes with converting various media files to other formats. This program by Macroplant only takes a few mouse clicks to convert a file and the process is also quick. Even if you are a new user, the installation is very simple and the interface makes it easy to use.

Installing Adapter is a straightforward process, and once it is installed, Adapter can convert just about any audio, video or image file you have there. Adapter supports AVI. GIF, BMP, JPG, WAV, MP3 and other popular formats. You can also convert some lesser known formats such as AC3 and M4R. The conversion menu is at the top and comes with a list of all the file formats it supports.


Adapter supports drag and drop so you can easily add items to the queue. After you have added all the files you want to convert, just hit the Play button and all the files will be converted. If you have a huge list of files to convert, you can use its queue job feature to save them all.

The program, whether it is the Mac or PC version, converts files quickly and seamlessly, and the instructions are very clear. The preset settings in the program means you don’t have to figure them out yourself, but there is an advanced setting if you want to use them.

Anyone who converts files into other formats will definitely find this application useful. While the simple interface means it is attractive for casual computer users, Adapter is powerful enough to be used by professionals.

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