Mozilla Firefox is synonymous with desktop browsing and it certainly has come a long way with solutions spanning to the smartphone territory. The recent update the browser received has indeed hiked the overall usage and adds some of the most amazing web-browsing features.

Firefox 8 adds improvement to the Html render and also supports Html 5 for a much better gaming experience in the web-browser itself. Another great addition to the line-up was Twitter integration (will get to that, later in the post).

There is a plethora of options at the users fingertips with Firefox 8. Now, the user can customize the entire browser to his/her own personal taste by either keeping it minimal or adding everything under the sun. Talking about the smartphone version, Firefox 8 is something that heightens the entire web-browser experience on the small-screen. Users can expect to type less and surf more as the browser throws-up options of the most visited site in the address bar. Full-screen mode is something of a blessing, so now web-pages load up on the entire screen without any distractions in sight.

Firefox has recently entered a partnership with Twitter, and now the browser has an integrated twitter search. You have the option to select Twitter from the available search-engines from the drop-down menu. Basically, you can browse your Twitter timeline, search for Tweeps, users and everything else you can imagine.

It seems Firefox 8 takes security very seriously on both desktop, as well as on it’s mobile version. With the availability of a customized security settings, users can disable a site from tracking your every move with the help of cookies. Also, there is an identity button that gives full information about the site, including the encryption being used. These identity icons are represented by a passport-officer icon in three colors, Grey indicating no site information, Blue – partial information, and Green – complete site information.

The power to personalize also gets a makeover with the introduction of “Persona” on both desktop and mobile version. “Personas” are specifically designed Firefox browser graphics that alter and revamp the browser buttons and menus. That is not all, the desktop version allows most frequently visited sites to be added in the app tab with a permanent place and one-click access to the site.

A very neat and mind-blowing addition to the Firefox ecosystem is the “Stay in Sync” feature. This allows users to keep their bookmarks, saved passwords, auto-fill setting, history, browsing data, all in harmony between the desktop and smartphone. Moreover, a webpage opened on the desktop can be picked up from the same point on the mobile with the “Stay in Sync” function; all you need is a Firefox sync account.

Overall, Firefox 8 brings in smooth integration, perfect web-browsing, functionality, and simplicity to the web-browsing field. Also the seamless integration between the desktop and mobile version deserves an applause. The addition of Html5 support will be the biggest advantage for users inclined towards graphic-intensive content and in-browser games.

Note: The iPhone Firefox-Home is not a browser, but it syncs with the desktop Firefox and provides a complete list of bookmarks, history and recently viewed pages.

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