Banking on their immense passion for music, Daniel and the Lion, a three-piece group from Madison, Wisconsin, weaves some flavorful folk pop offerings that have high entertainment and emotional value.

Sweet Teeth is the band’s entry point to the musical scene. Released in 2011, the album features ten songs, which opens up with The Chase, a lively and hooking track that features husky, earthly male vocals. This song is the perfect album opener to introduce Daniel and the Lion’s sound, as it mixes just the right blend of melow and energy to tempt the listeners’ palate.

With spurs of drums and syncopated pop melodies, Hollywood features the band’s ability to craft well-penned lines that shoot straight to the heart. But beyond their master writing, what makes this track stand out is how the band amps up the game by making the lines sound natural, seamlessly easing into the ears with comfort.


With a melancholy depiction of love, Hand in Hand is a introspective acoustic ballad that features the vocals of Kelly Steward. Seeds wraps up the collection with an upbeat folk piece that brings a level of candor and realness to soundscape.

Amidst the autotuned artifice of current pop trends, Daniel and the Lion veers from the crowd with an honest, stripped-down approach in mind and an acoustic guitar on hand.

Track List:
1. The Chase
2. Hollywood
3. Dandelions
4. Horses
5. Ain’t About
6. Hand In Hand
7. In Time
8. Baraboo
9. I Don’t Mind
10. Seeds

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