If you’re looking for a nice software that will help you record videos on your computer, VideoMyPC is a great one to check out. The program lets you record a portion or all of your computer screen and turn it into a movie at a simple click of a button. This nifty little tool is perfect for Youtubers or anybody who likes to record walkthroughs/tutorials and share them online.

Developed by LEDSET Software, this barely there program is approximately 2MB in size but it does wonders. It’s has a very straightforward interface and doesn’t require a great learning curve in order to master. 

Using the program is as simple as ever. All you have to do is click and drag the transparent window in the area you want to capture. Once in place, you can start and press record. You have the option to choose which video resolution you want to record in. Take note though that the program functions by recording the video only, but it does work with your existing audio recorders to complete your mini movie.

The program actually offers up a really good quality video in the end. In fact, it also comes Youtube ready. This eliminates the time in looking for a suitable video encoder for your work. Another good point for the software is that it’s  stable and takes very little space in your computer. Try it out for yourself.

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