Want to minimize your risk of suffering RSI or repetitive strain injury? If so, this nifty tool could help save you from this problem. Workrave is a fun and very helpful tool that could help anybody who frequently does repetitive work like typing in front of the computer, to avoid any problems.

The program works by reminding you to take micro pauses or breaks once in awhile. Workrave is a program that manages your breaks and even suggests things that you should do in order to promote better circulation and health as you work on your computer. Most of us know that suffering from repetitive strain injury is a serious problem. By taking frequent breaks from your routine of typing in front of the computer, you minimize the possibility of carpal tunnel as well as RSI from happening. Repetitive Strain Injury happens when you do repetitive tasks or sustain awkward positions for a long period of time.

Some of the common symptoms when suffering from this condition includes pain in the arm, back, shoulders, hands or wrists. Normally, the pain will increase as you move and you also feel a lack of endurance or general weakness.

With Workrave, it is possible to avoid having RSI. The program works by giving users periodic reminders to take a break. A pop up will appear on your screen, telling you to take a break or to do some stretching.

Basically, the program is a great way for those who frequently find themselves typing and taking fewer breaks in between. The nice thing is that it runs on very little system requirements. Moreover, it can be easily configured to your needs and best of all, the program is offered for free download to anyone who wants to try it out.

On the other hand, the program is not perfect. It can be very annoying when the program interrupts you in the middle of something and locks you out of the computer for 10 minutes. Although you can easily configure it so that it won’t do this, it can be overwhelming to go through all of the features and its corresponding functions.

Overall, the program is helpful and the concept is unique and interesting. For those who don’t get annoyed easily and want to keep their optimum health, then Workrave would definitely be a great option.

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